BJC School Outreach and Youth Development programs are designed to meet Missouri and Illinois academic health standards. Students learn through discussion and interactive teaching by trained health professionals. Pre- and post-tests are administered with a comprehensive report for each program.

BJC HealthCare's Smoke-free Teens On Purpose (STOP) program is designed to help high school students "stop" one of the most addictive and harmful habits - using tobacco. The program is voluntary and is facilitated by a BJC Health Educator or trained STOP instructor. Sessions meet during school hours, and a faculty member must sponsor and lend support to the STOP program when needed. Upon completion of the eight week program, STOP participants continue to meet monthly for follow-up and support.

Topics include:

  • Short and long-term health effects of tobacco use
  • Addressing weight concerns
  • Learning about healthy lifestyle choices
  • Learning stress management techniques
  • Facts and tips for stopping tobacco use
  • Setting a smoke-free/tobacco-free date
  • Ways to handle cravings and triggers
  • Unveiling the truth in tobacco advertising
  • Dealing with relapse
  • Handling high-risk situations

A Smokerlyzer® is used to measure the level of carbon monoxide as a result of tobacco use. The carbon monoxide measurement helps students see firsthand the immediate impact and is used as part of their quit plan in the STOP program. After successfully completing the STOP program, students may design and lead an advocacy program in which they relate their stories about the dangers of tobacco use and the challenges faced when trying to "stop".