See what people are saying about the programs at BJC School Outreach and Youth Development.

Sexual Behaviors

"I liked the ‘personal space’ activity where we talked toward each other and said stop when we felt uncomfortable." - From a student
"I loved how our speaker made the class an open environment, so it was really easy to talk about our experiences." - From a student
"I liked learning that if you’re in an abusive relationship, it’s not your fault and you deserve better." - From a student
"Students are able to open up and have candid discussions on sexual health and behaviors and how to apply the information to their lives." - From a teacher
"I liked that sexuality was defined in more ways than one and that people of all sexualities were included in the discussions and examples." - From a student
"Accurate information about communication styles, healthy relationships, and physical changes during puberty." - From a teacher


"[The most valuable thing I learned was to] promote healthy eating for better results at school and ultimately...a better world." - From a teacher
"The classes are organized and engaging. The presenter was very knowledgeable! Thank you so much for bringing your program to us!" - From a teacher
"[A positive change I have made because of this program is to] read the food labels and see what ingredients are in the product." - From a student
"The best part about the program was having someone that is energetic about their profession." - From a student


"I’m honestly going to quit smoking cigarettes sooner than I would have because of the things I saw." - From a student
"I am extremely confident that I can stop smoking." - From a student


"What I like most about the Buddies program is that they teach us that we do have the power to stop bullying." - From a student
"The students in my classroom have learned how to accept one another and include others." - From a teacher
"When we got to say what we were sorry for, I felt like a weight was lifted off my shoulders." - From a student
"Buddies helps people stand up for each other, to say sorry, and to have courage." - From a student
"I have been more self-motivated because that is one of the Star Qualities I was working on." - From a student
"Because of this program, I have been more organized, have a better attitude, and believe in myself." - From a student
"Because of this program, I have been a better friend and have been more self-confident." - From a student

Physical Activity

"It teaches us about our body, health and stuff we can do to help our body." - From a student
"I wish you could teach every day. You are a great teacher." - From a student
"We learned a lot and it was helping us with our body." - From a student
"I love this program – perfectly appropriate for this age level and the BJC educator is so positive with the students." - From a teacher

Substance Abuse

"We had so many students say [Diseased Organs] has helped to reinforce a drug-free lifestyle and [that] they will be sharing what they learned with their peers." - From a teacher
"I will be able to make good decisions about drugs and alcohol in the future because I’m more informed." - From a student
"I’ve always known to say no, but this [program] gives me an even better understanding of why." - From a student
"I think because of this program it will be less likely for me to do drugs when I get older and I'm proud of that." - From a student

Career Exploration

"Thank you all for providing a program, such as this, that allows kids a peek into the healthcare field." - From a parent
"Jennifer was not only my mentor but a parental influence for me. I really look up to her and appreciate her working with me. When I transferred [high schools] in 2011, they didn't have a formal program, but Jennifer stayed in touch with me and helped me shadow a few times at Barnes-Jewish Hospital and St. Louis Children's Hospital." - From a student
"Thank you for allowing me to shadow to determine my true interest in nursing. I am learning so much! Like everyone said, nursing school is hard, but I’m loving every day of it! I thought you might want to know how it is going so you can encourage other students! " - From a student
"Thank you so much for helping me with job shadows. They definitely helped me during the interview process." - From a student
"I want to thank you for all of your effort to provide and coordinate for students excellent educational and observational medical experiences. I really appreciate it." - From a parent
"I've felt so prepared and experienced among my nursing student friends." - From a student

Professional Development

"The [School Nurse Survival] conference was fantastic. So well done! But, then again, I would expect nothing less from this incredible team!" - From a school nurse
"[The School Nurse Survival] training was a great way to start off our school year! Great info and great speakers. Thanks so much for getting this good training for us. I look forward to next year!" - From a school nurse
"The presenter was dynamic, informative, and got the whole staff involved in the discussion." - From a teacher
"The solutions you offered to increase positive communication from schools to parents were great!" - From a teacher