BJC School Outreach and Youth Development programs are designed to meet Missouri and Illinois academic health standards. Students learn through discussion and interactive teaching by trained health professionals. Pre- and post-tests are administered with a comprehensive report for each program.

Today’s teens face many choices. What should I wear to school? Who can I take to the dance? What kind of music is cool? Some choices can have serious consequences: Should I use tobacco, alcohol or other drugs? What will my friends say if I don’t? What will they say if I do?

Adolescents will learn about the use and abuse of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs (ATOD) in the Power of Choice program. With this information, students in grades 5-12 can make informed, powerful and independent choices.

Overall health issues associated with substance abuse will be addressed. Students will learn about:

  • Reasons people choose to use or not use substances
  • Healthy alternatives to ATOD
  • Long-term consequences of use as seen in healthy and diseased organs
  • Resources to assess addiction and access help if necessary