BJC School Outreach and Youth Development programs are designed to meet Missouri and Illinois academic health standards. Students learn through discussion and interactive teaching by trained health professionals. Pre- and post-tests are administered with a comprehensive report for each program.

Grades 6-8 students encounter many “intersections” in their day-to-day lives as they transition from the expectations of elementary school. They face more complex academic expectations, new social challenges, and learn to accept more responsibility both at home and at school. Intersections can provide teens with some of the necessary life skills for the journey ahead. These skills can help students experience academic and social success.

Intersections addresses the following topics:

  • Defining and identifying the hallmarks of emotional intelligence
  • Strategies for thinking, learning and communicating more effectively
  • Communication styles, both verbal and nonverbal
  • Self-awareness and Star Qualities
  • Successful relationships with peers and adults

This course includes six 45-minute interactive sessions with teaching materials for each student. Because emotional intelligence skills improve with time and effort, schools can evaluate learned outcomes and provide ongoing reinforcement of these concepts after the program is delivered. Professional development training is available for staff to assist in understanding and reinforcing the key concepts taught in Intersections.