Between teachers at school, friends and peers, media exposure and their healthcare provider, today's youth are bombarded with messages about their health. And, often times, these messages are factually inaccurate, incomplete or conflict one another. These Conversation Starters provide a way to begin conversations with youth in a way that is simple and straightforward.

Game Day Conversations

Sports are an excellent way to support young people in staying active and being connected to a social circle outside of their schools. Adults, such as coaches or guardians, are in a unique place to help young people gain perspective and build personal character while playing sports. These conversation starters can help adults to support young people in their process of growing through play. They can be used the day of a game or throughout the season.

Teaching Children to Respond to Bullying

Bullying is behavior that is intentionally hurtful and involves an imbalance of power. It is done by both girls and boys and is usually repeated over time. Often, when kids see bullying happening in their school or neighborhood, they want to help but might not know how. 


Mindfulness means living in the moment and being open to new experiences. When being mindful it is important to be aware of thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations and surrounding environment.