BJC School Outreach and Youth Development programs are designed to meet Missouri and Illinois academic health standards. Students learn through discussion and interactive teaching by trained health professionals. Pre- and post-tests are administered with a comprehensive report for each program.

Making and keeping friends, getting along with adults and effectively managing conflict are all essential to reducing and preventing school violence.

Buddies can help students understand the impact of bullying behaviors and provide training for healthy interactions. Fun, interactive sessions by BJC Health Educators include materials for reinforcing learning objectives. Program offerings are for K-5 with pre- and post-testing for grades 4-5.

Buddies for grades K-3
Four 30-minute sessions introduce friendship skills, ways to include others and understand personal responsibility for creating a bully-free school culture.

Buddies for grades 4-5
Four 45-minute sessions teach students to recognize bullying behaviors, empower witnesses, foster forgiveness and incorporate strategies for making and keeping friends.