BJC School Outreach and Youth Development programs are designed to meet Missouri and Illinois academic health standards. Students learn through discussion and interactive teaching by trained health professionals. Pre- and post-tests are administered with a comprehensive report for each program.

SNEAKERS, a body systems class, can help students take a step in the right direction. All lessons will include physical and fun activities to reinforce learning of the body systems. New and innovative ideas for cardiovascular health and fitness principles are the focus of this class, which is ideal for grades 4-6. This course includes four 45-minute to one-hour interactive sessions.

Each student will learn about overall wellness as it relates to attitudes and quality of life. Lessons include:

  • Respiratory System - Identify the function and parts of this system
  • Circulatory System - Recognize the function and parts of this system
  • Muscular System - Learn the names and locations of major muscle groups
  • Skeletal System - Recognize the function and parts of this system

Youth will learn the importance of healthy habits and exercise from a trained Registered Dietitian. Exercise and visual demonstrations that target the body systems will be part of each class.