Visit the resources below to further your knowledge on physical activity:

BAM! Body and Mind - Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

This website covers the topics of disease, nutrition, physical activity, your body, your mind and safety in a kid-friendly format using games, surveys and cartoons. It also includes links for educators to help incorporate health into the classroom.

City of Saint Louis Parks

This website provides locations of city parks and their amenities, as well as recreational activity options available within the city.

Division of Nutrition, Physical Activity, Overweight and Obesity - Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

This site provides general information on nutrition, physical activity, overweight and obesity with resource and education sections.

Double Dutch Toolkit

The Double Dutch Showcase offers an opportunity to bring the community together and have fun while being active. This toolkit helps groups with planning their own Double Dutch Showcase.

Go! St. Louis

GO! St. Louis, a local non-profit organization, encourages individuals and families in the St. Louis region to adopt a healthy and active lifestyle year round. The organization accomplishes this through community collaborations, school-based programming and the creation of new and fun fitness events, including several runs in St. Louis. 

Great Rivers Greenway

This site profiles greenways in St. Louis City, St. Louis County and St. Charles County. Greenways are described as outdoor spaces connecting people and places. One unique feature of this site is the "Find Your Favorite Greenway" tool. By selecting for various characteristics and amenities, this tool will pinpoint greenways that will meet your needs.

Missouri State Parks

Searching for a Missouri state park or historic site has never been easier! Select options from this website to help plan your next state park adventure.

Saint Louis County Parks

This website offers information about Saint Louis County parks and their amenities and current park happenings, which are conducive to physical activity.


Trailnet's mission is to lead in fostering healthy, active and vibrant communities, where walking, bicycling and the use of public transit are a way of life. Trailnet works in communities in the St. Louis bi-state region. Visit their website to learn more about how they fulfill their mission and about the biking and walking events they sponsor.