Wearable fitness trackers go by many product names, are worn in various ways and display a variety of features.  They have become a popular trend. The most basic trackers function as pedometers, monitoring footsteps per day. Different models offer various combinations of features, such as ability to track food and drink intake, sleep monitoring, heart rate monitoring, personalized coaching, ability to track multi-sport activity and ability to connect with other fitness tracker users. The cost of fitness trackers varies greatly.

People choose to track their physical activity and diet with the aid of wearable fitness trackers for a variety of reasons. Users of fitness trackers may wish to quantify physical activity so that they can reach personal health, fitness or weight loss goals. Others aim to gain an awareness of their habits and modify certain health behaviors.  Some enjoy the ability to engage in good-spirited competition with others while pursuing individual fitness goals.

These are some questions to consider:

What types of fitness trackers have you observed?

What features appeal to you?

Do you think wearable fitness trackers are a worthwhile investment? 

Would using a tracker benefit you? How?

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