All of the one-time programs listed below are approximately 45 minutes in length and are taught by a qualified Registered Dietitian. One-time programs are not measured by pre- and post-test.

Fad Diets

Designed for grades 9-12, Fad Diets discusses popular diets and how to evaluate the effectiveness of each.


Fast Food Facts in the Classroom

Designed for grades 5-12, Fast Food Facts in the Classroom allows students to see the hidden fat in many popular fast and/or convenience foods and to better understand their impact on the health of the body.


Fast Food Facts at a Health Fair

Designed for grades K-12, Fast Food Facts at a Health Fair allows students to view many fast/convenience foods on a display with corresponding fat and sugar content, emphasizing how easily these “hidden” amounts of fat and sugar can easily add up.


Heart Health

Designed for grades K-8, Heart Health teaches students about the relationship between heart health, exercise and diet.



Designed for grades K-12, MyPlate helps students identify the components of a healthy lifestyle based on the principles addressed by MyPlate.


Organic Foods

Designed for grades 9-12, Organic Foods gives students the opportunity to learn what it means for foods to be labeled as “organic”. Students will also be able to make more informed decisions regarding eating and/or purchasing organic versus conventional foods.


Picture Yourself Healthy

Designed for grades K-12, Picture Yourself Healthy gives students the opportunity to be the picture of health by placing their face in a colorful apple or corn cob cutout. Participants can then view themselves either in a mirror or have their picture taken.


Rate Your Plate

Designed for grades 6-12, Rate Your Plate helps students identify three main nutrients and understand the importance of each in a balanced diet, relating it to the principles addressed by MyPlate.


What is a Dietitian?

Designed for grades K-12, What is a Dietitian teaches students the educational requirements needed to become a Registered Dietitian or Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and the career opportunities that are available.


In addition to the one-time programs listed above, our staff can work together with school staff to develop a curriculum to meet the unique needs of each school.