Read about the unique experience our Health Educators have educating youth with news articles published throughout 2016. This section will be updated as new articles come out, so be sure to stop by often. For a complete collection of news articles related to the work that BJC School Outreach and Youth Development does in the community, click here. 

Connecting through communication

With communication tools like texting, social media and video chat at our fingertips, some would say we're more easily connected now than ever before. However, does it sometimes feel like you're connecting often, but you'd like to connect on a deeper level with those around you? If so, now many be the perfect time to set a goal for more meaningful communication with others. Here are some ways to enhance communication.

BJC offers tobacco prevention and intervention support for youth

The best way to prevent lunch cancer is to avoid smoking. The best way to avoid smoking is not to start. But for those high school students who have started using tobacco and want to stop, BJC School Outreach and Youth Development offers the Smoke Free Teens on Purpose (STOP) program.

Prepping for a healthy school year

It's September and that means school is back in session, which often requires adjusting to new schedules or routines. Here are a few things you can do at home this year to manage stress and cultivate healthy relationships.

The importance of measuring health prevention education in a health care model

Some jokingly say that the evaluation of programs is as old as time itself: In the beginning, God created light from darkness. And it was very good. How do you know when you program is very good? Why is it important to know that your program is very good? Who needs to know that your program is very good? At BJC School Outreach and Youth Development, these questions are embedded into every aspect of our program delivery: from planning and implementation, to evaluation and effectively telling our story.

Look before you leap: job shadow before you graduate from high school

Learning to drive. Applying for a job. Making the varsity team. Taking a leadership position in a school club. Standardized testing. Preparing for college visits. Going to prom. Graduation. These activities are common rites of passage for many high school juniors and seniors. While it's important to anticipate these milestones, don't overlook a valuable opportunity: student job shadowing.

Changing communities one activity at a time

BJC School Outreach and Youth Development is bringing change to the St. Louis community - together with a number of city neighborhoods, including Bevo Mill, Carondelet, Carr Square, The Ville/Greater Ville, Forest Park Southeast and Shaw.

How many beers are lurking in that bottle?

Over the past few years, our conversations with middle school and high school students during our substance abuse prevention education programs have changed, as more locally produced, small-batch craft beers have become increasingly more popular. There are more breweries than ever before, but has the amount of alcohol in that bottle of beer remained the same?

Savor the flavor of eating right with five-ingredient recipes

Each March, we celebrate National Nutrition Month. This year's theme is "savor the flavor of eating right." BJC School Outreach and Youth Development dietitian, Kristin Cunningham, demonstrates how to savor the flavor of two simple and nourishing recipes, each containing just five ingredients. 

Love your heart

BJC School Outreach and Youth Development team members use creative approaches to convey health information to students in grades K-12. Above are limericks about the importance of heart health.

Recognizing 25 years of serving school-aged youth

BJC School Outreach and Youth Development celebrates 'silver' anniversary.

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